Birding in Aroostook County

Birding has become a growing pastime with the number of enthusiasts growing all over the country. A few years ago, the National Geographic Channel even explored doing a show based on birding in Maine. Aroostook County is a great place for a birding adventure with our many trails, lakes, rivers, the wildlife refuge and Aroostook State Park. Whether you participate in the Audubon Society surveys or just pursue your own personal list, there is a great variety of birds to see here.

Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge

The Central Aroostook County area is so fortunate to have had the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service create the Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge in our midst. The refuge, part of the National Wildlife Refuge System, ensures that public lands are set aside for conservation in a heavily logged and farmed area. Also, the refuge has done much and continues to mend habitats disturbed by the former Loring Air Force Base.

Established in 1998, the refuge is concerned first with preserving wildlife and habitats. That said, there are plenty of opportunities for those seeking outdoor adventures for hiking, skiing, photography and just plain enjoying walks in the woods. For those who are of limited mobility, there are auto trails that provide excellent scenic opportunities.

The refuge is a real treasure and a must stop when visiting the area. Please be sure to read the rules and get more information here.

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