Fishing In The Central Aroostook Area

Fishing In the Central Aroostook AreaTourism efforts in the Central Aroostook Area have rightly focused on winter activities such as snowmobiling, snowshoeing and Nordic, cross-country and downhill skiing as well as warm-weather activities such as kayaking, boating and ATV trails. Lost at times is the long thirteen-decade love affair between fishers and the wide open landscape and watersheds of the area. When such opportunities are discussed, they (again correctly) focus on the Fish River watershed area and the Allegash. There are great fishing opportunities right here in the Central Aroostook area.

Regulations vary from area to area. The Aroostook River, for example, has several distinct sections with different special regulations. A little bit of homework is needed and fortunately, the State of Maine has done a nice job of compiling this data for you. The first site to consult is, which is a great reference for what special codes and symbols mean and then listing bodies of water for you with some description and codes listed for each.

Combine the previous link with this one: which provides surveys of each lake so you can make informed choices. Generally speaking, open fishing season starts April 1 and runs until September 30. Restrictions begin on October 1 and end March 31. Different bodies of water have differing ice fishing regulations and the resources listed above help you identify your best options.

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