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A ribbon cutting was held to celebrate the opening of Lil’ Lumberjacks at the Fair. This is a new interactive children’s educational exhibit. This project is based on Maine’s Forestry Industry. Children will navigate from seedlings to the production and marketing of forest products. Final completion expected in 2023. Stop on by and check it out during the Northern Maine Fair from Aug. 4-7. In the picture: Mary Kate Barbosa, Board VP, Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce (CACC); Johanna Cote Junior Miss PI; LaNiece Sirois, Executive Director, CACC; Rachel Ellis Miss PI; Margo Dyer, Board President and Jennifer Olson, Board Member, CACC; Lori Kierstead, Kathy Maynard, Shawn Bugbee and Bob Sawyer, Director, the NMF and Lil’ Lumberjack committee, Mackenna Berube and Carly Guerrette NMF volunteers; Representative Joseph Underwood; Kassidi Hanson, Social Media Specialist, CACC; Raegan Dixon Little Miss PI; Cameron LeVasseur, Summer Associate, CACC; Bobbi Guerrette Teen Miss PI.

Ribbon Cutting - Lil' Lumberjacks at the Fair

We were excited to hold a ribbon cutting at Broadway kids in The County Theatre Company. They are a new theatre company that works primarily with children ages 18 and under, but they also offer the occasional musical that also features adults. The musicals produced highlight children of all ages and the young at heart, and they work hard to find each child’s strength. Located at 7 Russ Street, Suite B in Caribou, ME 04736. They can also be reached at 385-7903 or check out their website at https://www.broadwaykidsac.com/. In the picture: Ducklings in the front- Vivienne Pelletier (Actor), Oona Bitker (Actor), Sylvia Wilcox (Actor), Isabelle Palmer (Actor), Columbia-Jean Bitker (Actor), Mimi Bitker (Actor), Simone Palmer (Actor), Addison Paradis (Actor). Front row beside ducks: Claire Morse (Actor), Joanna Morse (Actor), Nevaeh Andersen (Actor), Annie Carlow (Actor), Isabella Albert (Actor), Marleia Stevens (Actor), Augustina Quarmyne (Actor), Grayson Ainsworth (Actor). Behind the Ducks: Kaytlin Crouse (Actor), Ellie Powers (Actor), Isabella Goodwin (Actor), Troy Celik (Actor), Elliott Bitker (Actor). Back Row: Cameron LeVasseur, Summer Associate and Kassidi Hanson, Social Media Specialist, Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce (CACC); Chandler Beaulieu (Actor); Jennifer Olson, Board Member, CACC; JoLea Robinson (Junior Staff), Lilliana Ainsworth (Junior Staff- Choreographer), Barb Faye (Office Manager), Darci Faye (Owner & Founder), Sadie Cairns (Junior Staff- Music Director), Shelby Robinson (Junior Staff); Mary Kate Barbosa, Board VP, Elizabeth Singer, Board Member and LaNiece Sirois, Executive Director, all of CACC.

Ribbon Cutting - Broadway Kids in The County

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